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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sheeple and What I Mean by It.

People have asked me from time to time just what I mean by the term, "Sheeple". Quite truthfully, yes, it's a very derogatory term, too. If you know about sheep, though...You know that sheep are some of the stupidest animals God ever created and that they will tend to follow a shepard, but will stray off quite often where they get lost, hurt, maimed or killed. This is, also, why the shepard carries his "crook". In this instance, the shepard cares for his sheep and will often leave the herd in a safe place and go find the lost one. And if found, quite often, this pole with the hook on it is used to pull an injured lamb our of a hole or crevasse. Now , then.....the reason for my terminology in the term, "sheeple". I'm disturbed these days by the blind following many have in their adoration of Obama and thinking he's going to save the day. The last year should have been quite enough evidence that Barry has no interest in the best interest of the American people or any of his supporters/followers. Instead, he pushes on with the furtherance of his agenda....."full speed ahead and damn the torpedos....we'll just ram our way through the blockade and sink if we must" In all of this, people still defend him and this is where I draw my comparison and call Obama's followers "Sheeple". Forgive me if it offends, but honestly....it goes back to the question our parents used to ask us sometimes about our friends as we grew up. If your friends jumped off the cliff, would you? Sheep have no sense at all and if a shepard walked off a cliff to his death....the sheep would likely follow. Barry is leading this country to it's demise as the America I grew up knowing....The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave.
If this offends you, forgive me, but this is not directed at one particular person and if you take it as such...... Will you be one of those sheeple that follow Barry over the precipice?