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Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010........A Historic Day?

Well, here we go again....Another day where the hat is going to drop and the prospects don't look good.My apologies, too, for not having kept you all more up to date, but in talking with friends lately...What I am hearing is that you are all very afraid for yourselves and our country and to be truthful...So AM I!
Now, here it is, March 21st...the second day of Spring and as we anticipate better weather...storm clouds have formed in Washington D.C. and our leadership(??) is set to take us one step further toward a Socialist state instead of toward strengthening the Republic many of us served and fought to protect.
"Props" to those of you (about 45,000) who even went to D.C. yesterday in hopes that somebody would listen and to make our voices heard nonetheless. I wish I could have afforded to have been there, but this country keeps dipping further into my pockets, too, and with the job market as it is, I guess I have to be most grateful these days that I have a job at all.
Where do we turn? What on Earth are we going to do if this monstrosity of a bill passes and then Obama with some momentum goes further toward pushing "amnesty" for illegals and a National I.D. program. Are you all going to lay down for this and just
hope some of our Conservative leadership will pursue and make headway with Constitutional legal challenges and lawsuits to overturn and put a stop to it all? How about if the Big Fat Liar in the White House decides he just doesn't like America's response to his work and mandates and he goes out declaring martial law.
Yes, we'd better pray that this doesn't happen because as history has shown....despots like Obama could be known for many things including genocide of a particular race or class/religion of people just as a means of solidifying his authority. Are you still prepared to die for this country and your God in Heaven folks? You just may be called upon to do so and it may happen sooner.
In the meantime, don't give up hope no matter how hard it gets and keep faith that those that believe in Christ will be safe in His hands no matter what this world brings. May He give you strength and peace for the battle at hand. It may not be the end of the world as we've known it, but perhaps we'll not be around long enough for it to matter and all the followers of AntiChrist can have this world for the time it takes until God comes back to crush His enemies Himself.
God's blessings and love to you all!