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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

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A Cryptic Warning?

A Date with Destiny: One last warning.
Mark this date: June 26th-27th, 2010.
Mark this time period: June to September, 2010.I will say no more

If you were to just come across this in your journeys around the internet or your e-mail, what would you think? Posted by a crackpot or somebody trying to be a "prophetic doomsayer"I posted the abovw on my Facebook status last night after coming across it in an e-mail from a column/blog called Worth Reading I subscribe to and immediately got an e-mail on Facebook from a friend asking me....."What's that mean, Brian? It's so cryptic". Honestly? I don't know what it means, but as she said, too>>>>"There's no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a very long, hot summer of discontent, but why the emphasis on June - September?"

I'm concerned with this, too, a day after flag day as my Patriot friends around the country worry about and contemplate just what it is we need to do with our country as it heads down a path to destruction and our leaders seem hell-bent on taking us there. Is revolt or rebellion coming? Will some of the "fringe" units of Conservative America take it in their own hands to start a new American Revolution as talk increases about how Obama is suspected of leaning toward declaring martial law and cancelling elections (yes, all wholly un-constitutional, but that hasn't stopped him thus far)? Are we on the cusp of nuclear war as Israel contemplates a preemptive attack on Iran's nuclear facilities and Saudi Arabia opens their airspace to facilitate that action?

Okay, so we've got a s**tpot of stuff going on in this world and there's definite need to be concerned....What are we going to do about it. Let me start by reminding you of a little of the history here as we sit between Flag Day and the 4th of July(our Indepenedence Day and freedom from tyranny) since it seems awfully appropriate and we seem to have fallen under a new kind of tyranny here in America that I know alot of people are not happy about and have sworn (again) that they'll die to prevent.

"The first official Flag Day was observed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1893. New York also proclaimed June 14 as Flag Day 1897. Other states were slow to follow. Some people thought that the day was too close to Memorial Day and Independence Day."

"In August 1949, President Harry S. Truman proclaimed June 14 as Flag Day. Since then the President proclaims the commemoration yearly, and encourages all Americans in the country to display the Stars and Stripes outside their homes and businesses. Individual states determine how they will observe the day"

And so....Elementary school children across the nation make The Pledge of Allegiance in front of the flag every weekday morning:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Is this done anymore with the outcry about keeping God out of our schools? I'm curious, but have not heard of this practice continuing or if it's been stopped like prayer because we're afraid of offending the atheists, agnostics or others of different faiths? Are people even quieting their voices during the National Anthem, because of crap like our "Imposter in Chief" making apologies for us as a people and a country across the world.

I don't know the whys and what fors with any of it and I quite honestly don't care. It pisses me off that our country is in trouble and "prophetic" statements like the one at the start of this worry me because of the state of our world and country....I find my soul crying out "Come Jesus, quickly!" but in my heart of hearts know that we may very well have to stand and fight which will certainly get bloody and deadly for many of us and that I shudder to think of again as we contemplate battling friend against friend, brother against brother again, too.

Is anybody, for the love of God, paying attention and just as bothered as I am? What are you doing about it except preparing for an election in November and praying we get that far?

1. We've got a Socialist agenda being run out of our White House and Congress now for over a year and a half and alot of talk about changing it back/regaining our heritage, but.....What are you going to do if this all backfires in our faces and Conservative America fails to unite completely against this? Has anybody even looked at how "splintered" Right Wing Conservatism is?

2. Is anybody even really paying attention to the economy and how we still seem to be "ping-ponging" back and forth across the spectrum on the stock market? Are you aware of what's happening in the EU and how that affects us? Greece is bankrupt and we're very nearly there although economists will tell you America still has a AAA credit rating around the world? What the hell does that mean? That we can continue to mortgage our future and hand the Commmunist Chinese little pieces and parcels of title to our country until they say enough and start "calling in" and foreclosing on the notes?

3. What about our environment? What about the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis and the EPA trying to outlaw Carbon Dioxide as a way of continuing the Global Warming? Is BP going to get a grasp on this and "plug the damn hole" or will we have to endure a damaged environment for years and years to come? And then....is there a reason that battle hardened "loaded for bear" troops have moved or are moving into Louisiana that resemble nothing close to the National Guard and/or Disaster Relief personnel we saw at the time following Katrina? Anybody paying attention, too, to the thousands of U.N. vehicles being staged at deactivated military bases like the Air Force base in Florida?

4. What of all the talk I hear of Black Panthers and Malcolm X declaring war on Conservative America? Is it coiincidence that our alleged "President" is a Muslim and has said if it gets down to making a chioice, he'll side with Islam and not America? Hell, we can't even get him to disclose and provide the documents that would prove him to be eligible to be in the highest office in the land and yet there are those that worship him and believe he's Prince or King...albeit self proclaimed, too.

Yes, my friends and family......I'm concerned and I have to tell you that we here are in America are in for at the very least .....a LOOOONG, HOT SUMMER if not in some dire trouble here? Are you prepared? Do you have contingency plans for the survival of family and friends, as well as clear ways to find each other should things hit the fan quickly and all communications like phone systems, internet, etc get shut down? Be Prepared fellow Americans.....I used to giggle a little bit as a Boy Scout and then as an American Soldier about the "Be Prepared" motto, but I'll tell you that all through life, I've learned that this is your best prevention and contingency toward anything that might come, too. Good luck, stay safe out there and know that this American stands with you and will cover your back where possible

Sunday, June 6, 2010

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