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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

May the joy and the peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ be with you all as you go about your Easter activities today. I don't care if it's visiting family, going on an Easter Egg Hunt, playing a round of golf or just relaxing at home with family and the BBQ......if you haven't taken a moment to thank God for all that you have today and truly appreciate it, please take this time now for you never know what tomorrow may bring in these troubling days and times.
I decided to write this today because I'm as equally concerned about this country and it's direction as determined by our present leadership and to tell you the truth am not sure exactly what a person is to do today as we watch liberty and democracy die without a fight. Are we truly going to wait until November and think that we might even still have the ability to vote these bastards out? Will we rise up in revolution or shrink in fear as other nations have done and let it get so bad that it's killing us all before we say enough is enough.
In speaking with Becca, the love of my life, it's obvious that she's as scared as I am and as much as others are.....AND.....I must admit that we are not as prepared to endure a the true tumult that's bound to come should this country end up in revolution or in the case that this country proceeds with demanding implants to get health care, buy goods and services and even do our banking. Will you submit to this because I for one will not and in knowing the other half of my lil "pea pod" here, I know she's not going in that direction either.
Will there be any safe harbor or have we as Christians really started preparing and networking for a "survival mode" that will embrace our brothers and sisters as well when we get to the point where we can't buy or sell without the "Mark" while we await Christ's return? Truly.....It's got to be close now because all of the Biblical Revalations are coming to pass. Are you ready? Have you assured your place in His Kingdom by asking Christ into your heart? If not.....I encourage you to do so now before it's too late and you're "Left Behind" to deal with the coming Tribulation years. What lengths will you go to then to survive?
God's blessings everyone....Just some things to think about today!

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  1. AMEN, Sweetheart! To God be the glory...today and ALWAYS. For those who walk in Christ, we need not fear the evil that lurks in this world. My human nature has the "fight or flight" attitude, so I say we FIGHT TO THE DEATH