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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Red America

Once again, we've had it proven to us that our Congress is a bunch of idiots and that the Democratic majority in the House are a bunch of "sheeple". Seems that before Obama showed up on Capitol Hill yesterday, the Democrats didn't have enough votes to "ram through" PelosiCare & YET......atn 11pm last night 220 Democrats & 1 RINO voted to approve it. Can you say....Somebody caved when Obama showed up?? Honestly....what does this jackass of a President have that causes people to kowtow to him and give him what he wants? This bill is an atrocity and American's know it, yet we sit here dumfounded when our "so called" representatives defy our wishes and push forward this Socialist agenda. Is anybody but me going to stand up and say enough is enough? Here it is, too, the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall being torn down and I'm thinking that Washington should just build a wall around itself and declare itself it's own country since they have no interest in the best interests of American & American citizens. Might they not be alot safer with that wall around them, too? Certainly wouldn't have to worry about the citizens of America storming the Capitol.....Certainly wouldn't have to worry about re-election, either. Yep.....they, like Obama & Pelosi, could be legends in their own minds for all eternity.......while burning in Hell, I might add.

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