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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas & may Christ be with you today and everyday!

Just a short note as we prepare for Christmas tomorrow:

The snow is on the ground giving us the White Christmas everyone sings of .....the trees and lights are up / malls are packed with last minute shoppers.

Still yet, there are soldiers overseas not able to see their families. Single, homeless and very lonely people who would love to have someone to spend the day with and yet don't. And suicide is at it's highest it seems every time this season rolls around.

So, please ...in the midst of your celebrations and times with family....stop and take a minute to say a prayer.....reach out and touch someone if only with a smile and a Merry Christmas....and let us remember just what "Christ"mas is all about....

Our precious Lord's birth and the life he lived which ended on a cross to redeem each and everyone of us. No one person is any better than the other and we will always continue to rely on each other and His Love & Strength to carry through each day.

Merry Christmas.....The Happiest of New Years to come ...and may Christ truly abide with you in your homes and your hearts this blessed season and everyday.

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