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Friday, January 1, 2010

January, 1, 2010 is here and I can remember as a child & a teen thinking, "There is no way that I will ever survive to see 2010 nor am I sure I really want to". And that's probably part of what caused alot of my problems in life and my trying to destroy myself with alcohol for so many years despite a "predisposition to the alcoholism I drove myself into" and the subsequent troubles it caused. Attitudes? Yep, they'll make us or break us and thank God, Jesus brought me to a place years ago where I found my paradigm shift and the needed attitude life/attitude changes that came with it.

So, OMG...Here I am at the beginning of a new year and a new decade.....52 years old, completely disatisfied with the course our nation has taken in 2009 and I'm thinking that while that's got to change....there are things I can do to make things better in my life, too. Do I hear New Years resolutions coming?

Ummm, NO....In fact, Becca and I were just talking last week about this very subject and decided that instead of making resolutions, we'd make our own lists of what we want to accomplish/goals for ourselves and then hold each other accountable.

So, my goals for 2010? Let's take a look:

1. I look at myself in the mirror and on the scale and there is no doubt that I am getting fat and need to get my weight back under control. Ideal weight is between 180 & 185...My goal is to attain the 180lb mark and then maintain it through proper diet and exercise.

2. Yes, I mentioned exercise and that was part of our discussion last week, too. Both Becca and I want/need to lose some weight and here we have this great membership to Planet Fitness we've used sporadically, but haven't used lately, but yes, we'll be starting to use it quite regularly in this journey of wellness and weight loss.

Other goals

3. Work.....Well, I've just begun a new position at work, so I'll be working very hard at improving and perfecting my skills in those duties.....but ultimately, I want to become one of this programs top performers as I have been on my previous programs.....and, then.....since this is a fledgling program with lots of room for growth and potential for advancement?...who knows...perhaps a Senior Associate or Management position leading my own team/

4. Relationship>>>>Okay, yep....here's a biggie, because as I'm sure alot of my friends know and read all over our FB pages.....We love each other. We're devoted to each other. But we're just like all other couples and human beings wherein we get into ruts...perhaps get a little complacent and wrapped up in other things...like our computers and TV....and then forget the most important things...really taking time for each other and talking with each other about what's going on in our hearts/minds about things as we're confronted about them instead of sitting there and wondering why we might possibly be drifting apart.
Yep, time to rein in the "old man" and make him a bit more attentive to his wonderful lady....We're going to start sitting down regularly at the kitchen table for dinner instead of grabbing plates and heading for the living room, TV and our computers after I get home at night. 3 nights a week, we're going straight from work & school straight to the gym..so, other nights are our times to sit down and relax over dinner talk about our days and things we might need to discuss like plans, goals, and other things that need attention.
And then...at least once a week? Yep, the TVs & the computers get shut off...Becca and I retire to the one room where we can relax without distraction and just talk for 30 min to an hour...and make sure that the "two peas in a pod" stay on the same page as always.
Will the Packers win another Super Bowl or will Obama get impeached?? One can pray & hope on both accounts ....and in fact for the Packers, we can root for them......in regard to BHO aka Barry Sotero....we can do all we can do to work against him in peaceful and revolutionary ways...but ultimately, it's all in God's hands and we can only be responsible for what we choose to be responsible for. And that's the bottom line...What will I (and each of you) be responsible for in 2010?

Hope it's the happiest of New Years in 2010, my friends...May God bless, keep and protect each of us in these trying times which are surely not yet over.

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  1. BRAVO, Honey! I'm SO proud of you for making the pledge with me to improve our lives in 2010. You forgot to mention that we quit smoking last November. I'm SOOOO proud of you for that! I love you, Baby