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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting Ready for the Playoffs

Packers-Cardinals Press Box Notes

One week after clinching a postseason berth, Green Bay travels to Arizona to take on the Cardinals to close out the 2009 regular season. Green Bay is coming off one of its most well-rounded performances in recent memory and will look to continue that momentum in Arizona.

With one week left in the regular season, hopes are rising on the Packers having a shot at the Super Bowl again. To say that Aaron Rogers has had a remarkable season is to say the least, too, after having 2 - 4000 plus passing yardage seasons and setting a "Record" with that....So, take that Brett Favre....You were a shining star in the history of the GB Packers, but you, Sir, are just that...."HISTORY" and I'm not so sure you "proved" anything by going to Minnesota than you are just a middle aged man who refuses to grow up and can't accept the fact that you're just too old to be playing with kids yet. You've already been injured repeatedly and you are just going to get hurt out there badly unless you face realities and move on to working your steak houses or some other venture while enjoying the golden years with your wife, Deanna.

Yet, I've digressed here as this is about the Packers...Mike McCarthy, I've not been very happy with your coaching in many games this season, but you've managed to pull it out with your team and time will tell if you have the strategy that will withstand and show the NFL that the Packers still have it. I honestly hope you do it and don't shatter the hopes of the GB Packers Fans yet again or I'm pretty sure you will be looking for a new job come next season.

As for the Packers team....all I can say is GO PACK GO and I am among a huge crowd hoping you can pull it all together and rock the stats. Don't let us down and do make us proud! This country has had enough of it's hopes dashed under our current country's administration and in 2010 we're setting our sights forward to the changes we can bring at election times over the next couple of years. Don't leave us saying about the Packers too......Well, maybe next year!

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